Final thoughts

You've done all the work

Remember the objectives of the ultimate taper!

  1. Maintain the aerobic capacity and strength gains of the last several weeks
  2. Eliminate any remaining traces of fatigue and
  3. Prepare mentally and physically for the race.

It's not about adding fitness! It's time to freshen up and get ready to have some fun racing and with nice people.

Most masters that are fit and fresh on the day, will outperform those that are fit and tiered. Yes I know, subject to them having equally good technique:-)

I haven't covered mindset in this course, yet it is so important that you believe in yourself. Have fun and go into the days races, ready to have fun and enjoy the moment. This is what you have spent weeks preparing for. Go out and enjoy it. Be present, and focus on the stroke you are on, not the one that has passed and is now a puddle. Not the one in the future, that doesn't exist yet. I mean the one that connects you to the water, right in the moment.

Recovery is so important. Those that prioritise recovery in all success aspects, mental, nutrition and physical will do better than this that don't.

I trust that this will help you to enjoy a great race week with confidence.

Warm regards,

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